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Welcome to
Woodview Acres, LLC

Healthy food for a healthy family

Unpasteurized, non homogenized A2A2 milk from our grass-fed cows (herdshares) - Grass-fed meat - Non-GMO Eggs from Free Range Hens


Meet the
Troyer Family

Delbert and Lorene Troyer are the parents of six boys. Christian (14) loves to help around the farm, especially if he gets to drive the tractor, Michael (12) enjoys being in the barn when the cows are being milked. He can actually help quite a bit. Joe Dean (11) is a hard worker. He loves being able to accomplish things. Luke (8) likes to bottle feed calves. He sometimes gets upset when someone else does it for him. Matthew and Marcus (5) are twins and besides keeping mom busy are a joy to have around.

When the boys aren't helping around the farm they enjoy playing ball, going to horse auctions and reading a book.

Everything We Offer

Free Range

Hormone Free

Grass Fed

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