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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why herdshares? Why not just sell milk?
    It is illegal in Indiana to sell raw (unpasteurized) milk for human consumption; however, you are allowed to use your own milk. If you buy a share of the herd, the milk is now your own and it is legal for you to use it. Instead of paying Woodview for the milk, you pay them for taking care of your share of the herd.
  • What quantities can I get and at what frequency?
    The minimum quantity allowed is a half gallon, but there is no maximum quantity! Ideally, milk would be picked up each week, but Woodview is open to bi-weekly herdshares as well.
  • How much does a herdshare cost?
    The initial herdshare purchase is $40 per share for a gallon ($20 per half gallon). This is a one-time purchase. You own this share for as long as you wish. If you decide you don’t want it anymore, we will buy it back at the same price you initially paid. There is a monthly fee for herd care. Contact us for current pricing.
  • What do you feed the cows?
    Woodview’s cows are on organically grown pasture during the day and are given a non-GMO grain free mix during milking. This includes alfalfa, spelt hulls, and molasses. In the fall and winter when grass is not growing, cows are fed hay that is grown on-farm during the spring and summer.
  • How free roaming are your cows?
    Every cow has plenty of room to run and lay around. Woodview switches their paddocks every day so they can get fresh food regularly.
  • Are your cows given shots or vaccines?
    The cows were vaccinated a couple of years ago, but there are no plans to continue doing this in the future. The cows themselves are not certified organic, but Woodview uses organic practices whenever possible. In extreme cases, if natural, organic practices don't help the animals, antibiotics are used. We do not use antibiotics as a preventive treatment.
  • When would pick up be each week? Do I have to order every single time?
    Pickup at the farm is available Tuesday through Saturday. We do not have hours as of now so come anytime. Woodview will either deliver in some locations for a small fee or drop off the milk at drop off locations. If you miss picking up milk at the drop off location, your share for that week will be forfeited. You will still owe the regular monthly fee as you are paying us to take care of your share. You are not buying milk. Members cannot skip a week and get refunded, as it is expected that milk will be picked up each week. However, Woodview will allow for a break during vacations. The member would simply pick up a double portion the week before or after. Please call or email the farm to arrange this ahead of time.
  • Do you use plastic or glass jugs?
    If you pick your milk up at the farm, your milk will be in glass jars. There is a $14 deposit for glass jars. We use new plastic jugs for delivery and drop offs.
  • Are there other products available besides raw milk?
    Yes! Woodview also has heavy cream, yogurt, and kefir available. As production increases other products may become available. We also have brown eggs from our pastured hens available. Our hens are fed a soy-free grain mix as well. At times Woodview Acres also has grass-fed pork and beef available.
  • How long will raw milk last in the fridge?
    Raw milk should last about two weeks in the fridge provided it stays below 38 degrees. Woodview Guarantees milk for 7 days.
  • May I come tour Woodview’s farm?
    Yes! Visitors are always welcome. Please call ahead of time to make sure the family is home, but Woodview firmly believes herdshare members should see how cows are raised and where milk is produced! There are also some Visitor Tours and Dinners in the works!
  • I have more questions. How can I contact Woodview Acres?
    The best way is by phone. Please call 574-773-2880 and we will answer any remaining questions. If you get voicemail, please leave a message. We will respond ASAP. You may also fill out the contact form on this website.
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