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What is a herdshare and how does it work?

It is illegal for anyone to sell fresh unprocessed milk in the State of Indiana. While it is illegal to sell fresh milk, the Law in Indiana is structured to allow the consumption of fresh milk from an animal that an individual owns or owns a stake in.

A herd share works like this: We do all the hard work - milking, grazing, doctoring, delivering etc. 

At the onset, you pay a $40 purchase fee for your portion of the herd. This will allot you a gallon of milk each week from the herd. Start-up costs includes your herd purchase and first month boarding fee.   After that you settle into the routine Boarding Fee due at the beginning of each month.  Half shares are also available for a $20 purchase fee, plus a monthly boarding fee.  A half share will allot you a half gallon a week.


Aside from the on farm pick up option, we also do deliveries in some locations. A delivery fee will be added to your monthly invoice for the service of delivery. Delivery is available in select areas only. Please contact the farm for more information.


Pick up at the farm

Herdshare members are welcome to come to the farm and pick up their milk anytime during our operating hours.  Just choose a day that is most convenient for you to pick up your weekly share and we will have it ready for you every week for pickup.  This option will not incur a delivery fee. Please, no Sunday milk pick up. 


Drop points

When you fill out your lease agreement you will have the option to select any one of the drop points.  When you pick a location it will become your permanent delivery point and you can expect to pick up your milk every week there. 

If you do not find a convenient option on our list and would like us to delivery somewhere closer to your location, please let us know. We may already have other share owners in your area.  With enough demand we would most certainly work to establish a new delivery point. If there are not enough share owners in your area, one of the fastest ways to make this happen would be to become a share owner, and with our referral program below bring in new share owners from your area.  Not only would you enjoy the benefit of waived monthly boarding fees, but with enough share owners from an area we could establish a new delivery point.


Herdshare Delivery Perks

As a perk for our herdshare members, we offer the service for our members to shop from our farm store every week, and have it delivered with their assigned milk delivery..  PLEASE NOTE: This service is just for herdshare members.  We do not offer any other delivery services at this time.

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